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Our full range of transportation services includes Rail Intermodal, Truckload Brokerage, Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), and Temperature Controlled Freight. We consider all aspects of your supply chain and can construct a customized shipping plan for our customers, who benefit from the flexibility, reliability and overall cost savings our intermodal program provides.

Our offerings include event reporting, tracing and follow-up, custom status reporting with border crossing expertise, live-load, drop and pull, pool management, availability of many types of containers and trailers as well as blocking and bracing consultation.

Intermodal Transportation
The PLSCS, Inc. team has been providing rail intermodal services throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico to large and small shippers alike for over 17 years and it is at the core of our service offerings. We have introduced intermodal freight transportation to many of our customers across many different industries.  Multiple pickup and multiple stop deliveries, including direct to retail locations are our specialty. Given the current cost of fuel, and the vastly improved intermodal transit times and reliability of the underlying carriers across North America, intermodal (truck-rail-truck) is often the best transportation solution to help you remain competitive in your industry.

We have access to 20’, 40’, 45’, and 53’ containers as well as 53’ rail trailers that can be utilized across the continent. We conduct competitive cost analysis, comparing both intermodal and over-the-road transportation alternatives to ensure that you make an informed decision as it relates to cost, loading requirements, and transit times. Intermodal is a safe and reliable way to move your product anywhere it needs to go.

Private Container Fleet
PLSCS, Inc .has a dedicated fleet of 53’ rail containers  available to our customers for consistent year round dedicated capacity offering the fastest intermodal service between the Midwest and California. We will be expanding that fleet in the near future, with the impending purchase of brand new equipment. We can also offer refrigerated intermodal service and private intermodal trailer services through our partnerships with the providers of those units.

Truckload Brokerage

Our truckload brokerage team can arrange excellent long haul and regional highway service options. We can provide specialized services such as flatbed, refrigerated and multiple deliveries. In addition, we have agreements with many North American LTL carriers that can handle your less than truckload shipments.

Less Then Truckload (LTL)

With our extensive network of LTL carriers through the US, Canada and Mexico we are ready to handle your partial load shipments. We will guide you through your best options based on volume of product moved, loading requirements and transit time.

We track each individual shipment from pick-up to delivery providing you with timely information that you can rely on. Please take a moment to contact us and one of our sales representatives will be happy to offer you a rate.

Warehouse Services
Our full range of warehouse services includes Cross-Docking, Warehousing, Consolidation, and Distribution. We maintain facilities in Stockton, CA, and San Bernardino, CA, where we can provide storage, inventory, and consolidation services.

We can serve as a central site for all materials necessary to build or assemble products. All materials are accounted for and recorded upon arrival.

We manage and monitor your inventory providing you with access to the inventory information you’ll need to make important distribution decisions!
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